Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hilary Mackenzie of Mackenzie Architecture, Highly Dishonest

Dear potential renters of the studio apartment in her house on:
Hilary Mackenzie
2722 SW Rutland Terrace
Portland, OR 97205

Business address:
Mackenzie Architecture, Inc.
2827 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Portland, OR 97212

Hilary Mackenzie is profoundly dishonest, abusive, and harmful.  She subjected a former tenant to a multitude of horrible lies that impacted the tenant's health, well being, and right to "Peaceful Possession" of the apartment (a legal right ORS 90.335(1))

(1) Hilary told the tenant the apartment construction would be finished within 3 weeks for move-in.  The tenant said it was necessary to move within 3-4 weeks and that the apartment would have to be ready within 3-4 weeks, otherwise it wouldn't work for him  The tenant then informed his current landlords of this move-out date.  As the 3 week time approached, Hilary then subjected the tenant to 4 additional weeks of bi-weekly lies about 5-10+ things about the apartment construction.  The tenant then went to the apartment unit to speak with the builders and learned that the apartment was never scheduled to be finished as the tenant was told, and that 4-6 additional weeks were necessary.  The tenant decided to be kind and forgive Hilary, even though she had been clearly dishonest for 4+ weeks, not once, but repeatedly.

(2) The tenant stated clearly that he wanted the toxic VOC paint to be fully off-gassed/dried before moving in.  Hilary assured him that it was fully dry.  The tenant then began the arduous move-out and move-in process, with 5+ hours over two days of moving.  The tenant arrived to find extremely intense fumes throughout the small studio-apartment.  The tenant asked Hilary about this, and she began to erratically come up with a number of completely irrelevant excuses and attempts to deceive the tenant, such as by stating "Well it's the cleaner they used, here see it's a green cleaner, smell." "Well they finished a long time ago and me and my daughter Iris didn't smell anything today."  Absolutely dishonest, abusive, manipulative.  The paint fumes were oppressive and extremely intense.  The VOC toxic paint over large areas of the walls was still soft to the touch.  A friend of the tenant's observed this as well.  The paint took 2 weeks to dry and for the fumes to off-gas, and then tenant had to live in that condition, thereby having his health impacted.  The tenant kept all of the windows open and the heat on for 1+ weeks, which helped by only about 50%.  The tenant began to be very concerned by the pervasiveness of Hilary's dishonesty.

(3) Prior to moving in, the tenant stated that his highest priority was to live in a quiet and peaceful place.  And where his work hours and sleep hours (2am-10am) were possible without intense noise.  Hilary assured him, with her daughter Iris present, that her 2 large German Shepherds did not bark anywhere near the studio-apartment.  In the first morning of the tenant, he was shocked awake by horrifically intense barking within 2 feet of his windows, and for a lengthy period of time, at about 7:00am.  Then, this continued to occur, repeatedly 2-3 times, between 7am-10am.  The tenant's earplugs did nothing for his horrific barking.  The tenant even closed the windows and endured the paint fumes, and this didn't help.  The tenant then asked Hilary about this, and to his shock she began laughing and chuckling and said "Well I told you!".  The tenant then realized she is profoundly dishonest, makes promises with no intent to keep them, lacks integrity, and is horribly abusive.  The tenant then asked nicely if she could walk down the outdoor steps next to the studio with the dogs on the leash, and try that.  She then laughed "Well we've been doing what we do for years and that's how it is."  The tenant was disgusted at the extent of her abuse and manipulative nature.

(4) The tenant was also subjected to pounding above his bed often at 6am onward, from the operation of their wood fireplace.  Earplugs did nothing for this.  Hilary intentionally neglected to tell the tenant of this, as well.

(5) The dogs were often left on the porch above the tenant's studio, and barked incessantly.  Another instance of Hilary's dishonesty.

(6) The studio was only partially finished when the tenant moved in, and Hilary lied about this as well.  No curtains, no door knobs, no doors to the bathroom or closet, 50% less furniture than promised.  Hilary continued to lie to the tenant for 6 weeks about all of this, until at least some of it was done.

(7) The tenant learned that the two dogs and she had received many Animal Control complaints regarding the illegal barking (violating County code).  The tenant asked a neighbor for help, and Hilary became aware of this and then subjected the tenant and his family to repeated telephone harassment, including telephoning family of the tenant who lived elsewhere.

(8) The tenant moved out and proceeded with an Animal Control complaint, which was upheld and Hilary was found in criminal violation of having her dogs at-large on public sidewalks and forced to pay $150.  Following this, the tenant received 2 threatening voicemails from Hilary's boyfriend (a 65+ year old man) which threatened the tenant several times.  The Portland Police were called, Officer Jamin responded, and ordered Hilary and her boyfriend to discontinue all contact with the tenant and his family.  The officer was played the saved audio files of the voicemails.  The audio will be posted here shortly.  Hilary left a paranoid, obsessive voicemail for the tenant with several disgusting, fradulent allegations that the tenant was "stalking her" on a particular night, when the tenant was in fact with a friend and at the Friendly House community center for several hours on that night, as witnessed by the friend and others at the community center.  When Hilary was contacted by Officer Jamin, she, however, did not state her allegation about the tenant to the officer.  The tenant was now certain that this woman is profoundly dishonest and horrendously mentally ill.